2017 CJI

2017 CJI
March 1 – 5, 2017
Ybor City, FL, USA
Rd1 – Temple Terrace G&CC
Rd2 – Bloomingdale GC
Rd3 – Rogers Park GC

1 Team Lemmon 41.5-38-38 117.5 pts
2 Team Goetzke 30.5-34-10 74.5 pts

Team Lemmon
Chris Lemmon (Virginia Beach, VA) (0)
Mark Chapman (Brighton, MI) (0)
Karl Nagy (Simpsonville, SC) (0)
Dan McKay (Warren, MI) (0)

Team Goetzke
Kurt Goetzke (Berkley, MI) (0)
Coree Raden (Caledonia, MI) (0)
Andy Kurncz (Fenton, MI) (0)
Jesse Nagy (Columbia, MO) (0)


Clifton Dooms Lions

NGAWire® | 4Dec15

Our favorite prognosticator did it again last night.

The Detriot Lions were leading the Green Bay Packers 17-0 in the first quarter when Clifton announced “playoff run”.

The Lions increased their lead to 20-0 in the 3rd quarter, however the curse was too much for them to overcome and they fell to the Packers 27-23.

Clifton offered his applogies to both the Firestone and Ford families.

Guess My Score

NGAWire® | 6Nov15

Mid Pines Hickory Open

Guess my 36 hole (gross) score at the MPHO and win $10. Get a round score round correct and win $3.50. If you get everything right, win $20. Good luck jacks!

Goat 89-85-174
Maser 84-88-172
McKay 87-84-171 <<< winner

Nagy result: 84-87-171

2015 TPC

2015 TPC
Southern Pines, NC, USA
Southern Pines GC, Mid South GC, Tobacco Road GC, Pinehurt No.3 GC, Mid Pines GC
September 30-October 4, 2015

Final Standings
1 Matt Maser 5½-3-7 15½ pts
2 Dan McKay 3½-6-5 14½ pts
3 Kurt Goetzke 3½-6-4 13½ pts
4 Dan Satut 5½-3-2 10½ pts
5 Andy Kurncz 6½-7-4½ 18 pts
6 Karl Nagy 4½-5½-4½ 14½ pts
7 Pat Shannon 2½-3½-8 14 pts
8 Jesse Nagy 4½-2-1 7½ pts

Encounter with Manon

NGAWire® | 18Aug15

Andy told me he was having lunch at Honey Tree Grille, near St Johns and Carl’s Golfland in Plymouth/Northville.

I reminded him that famous girl goalie Manon Rheaume lived in the area and to pay her visit. I told him I’d text the address.

44658 Broadmoor Circle North
Northville‎ MI‎ 48168

After lunch, Andy stopped at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market for a root beer.

He noticed a dark haired woman with a ‘goofy’ Canadian appearance (description not appreciated by fellow Canadian NGA’ers). She wore 80’s style shorts and had an Alanis Morissette look to her.

She smiled at Andy (goalies always acknowledge other goalies), but then proceeded out of the store.

Andy thought “Could that have been Manon?”

He googled photos of Manon as he looked for the bathroom (he needed to make room for the root beer). The mystery woman seemed to match his phone photos.

After the bathroom break, he noticed she was in the store again, it seems she forgot to buy peppers.

She smiled at Andy again. :)

Needing a better look, Andy worked his way across from her at checkout, with her google image up on his phone for comparison purposes (not creepy at all).

He was now 90% sure it was her, but needed more proof before he’d ask for a goalie-goalie selfie.

Unfortunaly his time ran out.

He watched her leave the store. She drove off in a gray tan brown, charcoal, sandstone, metallic, SUV Chevy Tahoe type of car (a Detroit product for sure).

She turned right onto Sheldon, then left down Broadmoor Circle North (ah ha!).

After googling additional images, he’s now 99% sure it was her.

Chalk it up as opportunity missed.