In My Own Words – A Killer Blow

NGAWire® | 24Sep01

The story of how Kurt Goetzke played Autumn Ridge Golf Course’s 16th hole during the 1st round of the 2001 TPC (9/21/01), recapped by Karl Nagy.

Goetzke hits a towering tee ball (STROKE 1) toward the right side of the green. It hits near the pin and bounces over the back of the green (STROKE 2). Where did it go? His playing partners suggest that Kurt hit another ball, just in case the first one is unplayable, or worse, OB. Kurt agrees, still assuming that there is no chance his first ball is out. For God’s sake, the ball hit the freaking green. A lackluster provisional shot (STROKE 3) is “Longeway’ed” by Goetzke into the right water hazard. A statement is made that Goat really hopes his first ball is OK. Upon reaching the back of the green, Kurt’s ball is found. Unfortunately it has come to rest mere inches OUT of BOUNDS. Goetzke begins to spout profanity. Playing partners Steve Lawler and Karl Nagy recall a similar incident a few years back when a Goetzke approach shot struck a green, bounded over the back and rolled 50 yards OB. They share a laugh. With his head slumped, Kurt begins the journey 90 yards back down the fairway where his provisional sliced into the hazard. He drops (STROKE 4) and plays a masterful wedge shot (STROKE 5) to within 18 feet of the pin. Goetzke, of course, misses the putt (STROKE 6) and taps in (STROKE 7) for a quadruple bogey 7. Goetzke’s somewhat good round is screeched to a halt.