2002 Guldahl Cup Handicaps

NGAWire® | 4Apr02
Karl Nagy (NGA.com Staff Writer)

The Nagyhills Golf Association® has released the official player handicaps for the 2002 Guldahl Cup Matches scheduled to take place at the Lakewood Shores Resort in Oscoda, Michigan, USA on April 19, 20 & 21, 2002. The handicaps were determined using the USGA’s Handicapping System formula along with players scores from the 1999, 2000 and 2001 TPC and 2000, 2001A and 2001B Guldahl Cup Matches. The handicaps are as follows:

2002 Guldahl Cup Handicaps
Karl Nagy (Plymouth, MI) 5
Dan McKay (Madison Heights, MI) 7
Eric Fournier (Harper Woods, MI) 9
Andy Kurncz (Fenton, MI) 9
Kurt Goetzke (Ferndale, MI) 10
Ron Clifton (Plainwell, MI) 13
Coree Raden (Caledonia, MI) 13
Louis Song (Plymouth, MI) 14

This year’s Guldahl Cup will be conducted as a five round event with a total of 30 points available. The combination of team and individual matches scheduled to be played are:

Fri 4/19/02 (AM Matches at The Serradella) Best Ball Team & Individual Match Play (6 points)

Fri 4/19/02 (PM Matches at The Wee Links) Scramble Team (2 points)

Sat 4/20/02 (AM Matches at The Serradella) Alternate Shot Match & Stroke Play (8 points)

Sat 4/20/02 (PM Matches at The Gailes) Total Score Team & Individual Match Play (6 points)

Sun 4/21/02 (AM Matches at The Gailes) Single Individual Match Play (8 points)

A number of past Guldahl Cup champions are in the field and should play a large part in determining this year’s champion. Two time Guldahl champion Karl Nagy is a golfing juggernaut and will definitely be expected to carry his team to victory. Dan McKay and Louis Song, the only players in the field never to taste Guldahl defeat, are back to reclaim the Cup they won last spring. Both players have recently struggled with their games, but have promised to be in fine shape come match time. Three time contestant Coree Raden and his west Michigan sidekick Ron Clifton, two time Guldahl loser, are expected play an integral role in their teams attack to victory. Andy Kurncz, another three time Guldahl Cup contestant and captain of the most recent Guldahl Cup victory, knows what it takes to win again. States Kurncz, “I know what it takes to win!” Also participating is one time loser Kurt Goetzke and rookie Eric Fournier. Goetzke, armed with a new belly putter, and Fournier, armed with two cases of Bud Light, are believed to be non entities this tournament.

Past Guldahl Cup Champions
2000 Ron Clifton (Captain), Coree Raden
2001A Dan McKay (Captain), Karl Nagy, Steve Lawler, Louis Song
2001B Andy Kurncz (Captain), Karl Nagy

Former Guldahl Cupper’s Steve Lawler and Matt Maser are not participating this year. Lawler’s wife Holly is scheduled to give birth to their first child on April 12, 2002. It was deemed best that Steve begin the process of fatherhood near his wife and child rather than on the links of Oscoda. Maser, who moved to Illinois last fall, has not been heard from and is believed to be fighting for his life on the streets of Chicago.