Tragedy Strikes Zcnruk Family

NGAWire® | 11Apr02
Kurt Goetzke ( Staff Writer)

The day started off like any other day for NGA member Zcnruk, but it soon it would take a tragic twist. The previous night, the family cat Carmel, age 12, had mysteriously slipped outside unbenounced to the family members that were present. Being an indoor cat, Carmel must have been very scared and confused.

The family finally discovered that Carmel was missing when Zcnruk’s daughter, Lauren Zcnruk, age 8, approached her daddy with a tear in her eye and proclaimed, “Daddy, where’s my precious kitty, Carmel? I have not seen her in hours.” Being the concerned dad that Zcnruk is, he soothed his terrified daughter’s concerns by suggesting that Carmel was just hiding or sleeping and he would surely come out in the morning. Unfortunately, that did not occur.

As a cold chill took over the crisp spring night, Zcnruk and his wife Cori Zcnruk snuggled under layers of warm, comfortable blankets, while outside, another drama was occurring.

Morning came and still there was no sign of Carmel. As Zcnruk sipped his morning coffee, his thoughts drifted to other concerns…the long day ahead, bills to pay, The Masters, Landing Strip lounge, cigars, food. His mind was so full, that it did not have any room for what seemed so insignificant, the still undetermined whereabouts of Carmel. As he went into the garage and to his car, suddenly, something strange coursed through his body and it stopped him in his tracks. He spontaneously cried out, “Carmel, are you here?” The strange sensation remained, but after a moment it dissipated and he got into his car and pulled down the driveway, onto the road. After a moment, he heard a strange scratching sound, and then, a thud. He quickly stopped his vehicle and got out to find a horrific site in front of him… the pan caked remains of what once was Carmel, the loyal family cat. He must have been hiding in the wheel well to keep warm overnight. Horrified, Zcnruk did not know what to do, but he somehow managed the moxie to scoop Carmel to the side of the road and proceed on with his day.

Upon arriving at home, Zcnruk was faced with the task of informing his daughter what had happened. “Daddy, we still haven’t found Carmel yet”, wept little Lauren Zcnruk. Zcnruk then got down on his haunches so he could be face to face with his innocent child. Suddenly, a horrific tearing sound occurred as his tight pants split from his sack to his crack. Trying to maintain his fatherly composure under such dire conditions, Zcnruk looked little Lauren Zcnruk in the eyes and said gently, “Sweetheart, Carmel was very old and it was time for him to go to Kitty Heaven. He’s there now playing with the biggest ball of yarn ever.” Content with her father’s loving concern and compassionate answer, Lauren Zcnruk hugged her dad and tearfully exclaimed, “Bye, Bye Carmel! Have fun in Kitty Heaven. I love you!”

After changing his pants, Zcnruk went about the task of disposing of the evidence. He went back to the scene of the crime and put what was left of Carmel in the trunk of his car. He then proceeded to a dumpster up the street and gave Carmel his last rights and burial.

To this day, Zcnruk still wonders what that feeling was in the garage before he ran the poor creature over. Was it a sign??? He will probably never know for sure, but he must face the fact that he will have to live with this the rest of his life. “Maybe I could have done something different”, mulled Zcnruk, “maybe I could have saved Carmel from such a woeful demise. I guess we’ll never know.”

14Dec10 – The names of the innocent have been changed to Zcnruk, Cori Zcnruk and Lauren Zcnruk in order to protect their identity and our pal from his wife. Carmel’s full name is/was Carmel Kurncz.