Saturday Golf

NGAWire® | 13Mar06
Danny McKay, staff writter

On Saturday Kurt, Matt (Maser), and I played the Legacy. The weather was decent and the course was really wet, but in overall good shape for March. Because it was Kurt’s birthday (as if…), he had spent the previous night out on the town and reportedly did not get home until 4:30am. When he showed up at 8:45am he looked a little worse than his usual ‘all night’ self and proclaimed that he was still wasted. Considering the blood shot eyes and red nose, he must have been speaking the truth.

On the first hole Kurt fulfilled his usual ritual and hit it right down the middle. Of course he fulfilled his other ritual on the first hole and missed a four footer for par. Then after he made double on the second hole, he spouted something about trying to avoid a blowout. It was classic. Seeing that the next hole was a par 5, I knew he would be able to right the ship. When I made an easy birdie, and he walked away with a par, the true golf fires began to burn. He went on to birdie the next two holes and then stuck it on the 5 feet on the next, but then missed the putt.

Anyway we all turned the front decently. Dan 38, Kurt 39, Matt 41.

On the 10th hole, a drivable par 4 with a forced carry of 270 yards over water, Matt flung on out to about 80 yards. I stepped up and hit a nice tight draw just to the right of the green, pin high. Now for Kurt! He stepped up thinking that driver might be too much and proceeded to hit his shot. It started out going at the left side of the green and as we waited to see it land just left and long, it splashed down with a watery crash about 25 yards short of the land. Completely dumbfounded, Kurt marched forward and dropped. His next shot barely made it over the water. My eagle pitch came up about 6 inches short and they just avoided the dreaded $6 pay out.

On the next hole Kurt (although not traditionally) laid up on a par 5. With a short 50 yard shot into the green, he once again found his power and hit a thin laser about 50 yards long. Although I will give him credit he was the only one in the group to make a par.

Now for the classic moment of the day!! On the 15th hole, a tough 430 yard par 4, Kurt hit his approach shot (8 iron) from 180 deep and onto the back fringe. Since he was trying to make a comeback in our match, he needed to at least make par. He hit his putt from the fringe to about 6 feet. I was standing about 15 feet behind him when he hit his par attempt. As the ball missed, I reached down to grab the flag stick and out of the corner of my eye could see a storm front roll in. The unmistakable angry swipe of a putter flashed and hit the ball… and within a split second I then heard a fleshy thud. It was the sound of a golf ball traveling at high velocity hitting tissue and bone. When I looked up I saw the agony on Matt’s face and the ball trickling away from him. I then looked over to Kurt and saw his jaw sagging lower than I had ever seen before.

“I’m really sorry Matt”, Kurt mustered with slumped shoulders. Matt then turned about and began walking toward his bag.

The awkward silence severely contrasted the laughter that I had inside. It was too bad that we didn’t have a video camera to capture it all. It would have been a great loop to enjoy over and over again.

The rest of the day was a bit anticlimactic. Matt seemed to forgive Kurt and we all chuckled a bit about it. In the end it was a fun day on the links, but a classic moment that should have been shared by more.

Final stats: Dan 78, Kurt 81, Matt 86.