Kurncz Turns Other Cheek

NGAWire® | 4Aug06

Today Andy Kurncz, Steve Lawler, Jeff Pretzer and Pretzer’s brother (name unknown) played their annual Buick Open Sugar Bush outing. I talked to Andy this morning and he asked me for a target number. Seeing the state of his game, I said that 84 would be a nice target. He agreed, even though it may be difficult.

Somewhere playing the 10th hole, Andy called to update me that was halfway home. Even with a triple on the 7th, he was still able to moxie out a 42. I told him nice job! He was really happy with his game.

I asked him how Steve was playing. He said that he was ‘kicking’ his ass. I wished him good luck on the back.

After the round was over, Steve called to tell me that Andy’s round of promise was no more. After a par on 10, Andy hit the double skids. After proclaiming an ‘ass kicking’ to Law, it sounds like he didn’t make a par the rest of the way. He limped home in 49.

Steve, down by 8 somewhere along the way, ended up winning by 10.