Goetzke Abandons Team, Seeks Treatment

NGAWire® | 7Aug06

Yesterday Kurt Goetzke abandoned his Greystone MPGA golf team in order to rest his self and horrid golf game.

Goetzke participated in a two-man invitational tournament last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Rumor has it that Goetzke could not hit his driver and was not a helpful partner. It seems as though Goetkze’s ball was in his pocket on more than one occasion in this Stableford-like scoring event. It is not known how Goetzke’s team finished, but it is believed to be near the bottom quarter.

Sunday morning, Steve Lawler (Greystone Captain) received a call from Goetzke stating that he would not be attending the team’s playoff match that afternoon. He stated his game was in such bad shape that it may be better for teammate Dan McKay take his position in the line-up. Goetzke did not attend the match. Team Greystone was slaughtered and its season was ended, all while Goetzke slept.

Once a favorite for the 2006 TPC, Goetkze’s dilapidated golf game has him spiraling toward the depths of hell; he is believed to be seeking treatment at the Trevor Parkinson Golf School (www.trevorparkinson.com) in Rochester Hills, MI.

We all wish Goetzke a safe and speedy recovery!

NGAWire® correction – This was Team Greystone’s final regular season match, not the first round of the playoffs. We are so sorry!