McKay Pops Nut In League Night Finale

NGAWire® | 31Aug06

NGA stalwart and HGA co-chairman Dan McKay walked off the course during last evening’s league night finale.

What may have caused McKay’s breakdown? A crappy 5:00pm (last of league) tee time. The entire ladies league taunting McKay to hit his tee shot already. The lack of playing partner Kurt Goetzke and the night’s opposition on the tee; they were enjoying a few pre-round cocktails in the clubhouse. A hurried tee ball that was smothered onto the ball covered driving range. The lack of ability to find the tee ball after cursory looks failed to uncover anything. McKay’s hopeful bid to win the Treasurer position for next year’s league. The realization by McKay that his golf game is in no better shape than TPC underachiever Andy Kurncz.

As McKay approached the green, a few unkind words were exchanged between McKay and Goetzke. McKay flipped the group the bird and walked back to the clubhouse with golf bag on shoulder. It is believe that McKay then returned to his car and drove home, cursing the golf league the entire way.

Is McKay a ticking time bomb (ie. Matt Maser circa 1995) or is he just a victim for happenstance? Can McKay gather himself in time for the 2006 TPC? Is Goetzke just a load of a playing partner? The answer many never be known, however we all wish McKay a speedy recovery to sane hood.

McKay did not win election as the 2007 league treasurer.