Kurnczie The Greek In Intensive Care

NGAWire® | 1Sep06

The NGA has received information that Kurnczie the Greek was involved in a horrific bus accident in San Palo, Brazil this past weekend.

Kurnczie, a world famous prognosticator and a one time employee for the NGA (1999-2004), was involved in a hit and run accident Saturday (8/26/06) evening. Kurnczie was exiting the Meninas Belas Jovens nightclub when he was blindsided by a yellow and green Volkswagen Eurovan. He is currently in a coma with two broken legs and shattered pelvis at the San Palo Mary Magdalene Metropolitan Hospital.

Important to followers of the NGA, a crumpled napkin was found in Kurnczie’s pocket listing odds for the 2006 TPC. The napkin read as follows: Law 7-1, Nag 8-1, Goat/E-Dog 10-1, Kruck 13-1, Pretz 14-1, Chaman/McKay 16-1, Kurncz 18-1, Clif/Raden 20-1, Maser 22-1, Lenny 25-1.

It is unknown if Kurnczie the Greek was working in conjunction with the HGA Betting House or just on vacation, but we all wish him a healthy recovery. God bless you Kurnczie!