NGA Announces Zero Inductees To TPC Hall Of Fame

NGAWire® | 2Feb07

The Nagyhills Golf Association® made the announcement last evening during its winter meetings in Key West, FL that no players have been elected to the TPC Hall of Fame for 2007.

The leading candidate for induction, 2006 TPC winner Cormick Raden, fell 5 points short of the required 40.

Raden, a three time TPC champion, was utterly surprised by this announcement.

“What in the world do I have to do to make this stupid Hall of Fame?” barked Raden. “First I win in 2001, and then again in 2002. I win my third in 2006 and they still don’t induct me. They can all go straight to hell!”

Raden’s 35 points was followed by Steve Lawler (24), Ron Clifton (22), Karl Nagy (21), Louis Song (21) and Andy Kurncz (16).

All but Kurncz are past TPC champions.

NOTE – Kurncz’s point total bested three current NGA members and past TPC champions Kurt Goetzke (13), Jeff Longeway (13) and Matt Maser (11).