Former ROY In Big Trouble

NGAWire® | 18Feb07

Former 2005 TPC Rookie of the Year Jeff Pretzer was witnessed shanking* ball after ball at the golf range on Friday (2/16/07).

Determined to work out his problem, Pretzer (the 2006 TPC runner-up) continued to hit balls, hoseling nearly 95% of the large bucket.

The balls that he did not shank were worm-burned out into the range. Not one shot was hit with anything that could be considered proper ball flight.

After all balls were hit, a dejected Pretzer went to the putting green to practice putt… where he proceeded to shank his first one.

* In a shank, it is the hosel of the club that first contacts the ball. Since the hosel is rounded, the ball might shoot off in just about any direction with various spins. But most commonly, a shank results in a ball that shoots out to the right (for a right-hander) at a severe angle. Someone who shanks a lot might be said to “have the shanks” or to be “shanking it.” A shank is one of the worst mis-hits in golf; in fact, many golfers don’t even like saying the word out loud.