Goetzke, McKay Hopeful Team Greystone Team Play Members

NGAWire® | 22Feb07

In a surprise move earlier this week, it was announced that long time NGA members Kurt Goetzke and Dan McKay have been selected to once again vie for the final spots on the 2007 Team Greystone MPGA team.

Goetzke and McKay were members of the 2006 team, however due to lack of skill did not contribute diddly last season. It was assumed that McKay was going to quit the team and concentrate less on golf and Goetzke was just going to be released.

As per an unnamed member of the Team Greystone hierarchy, both players have been asked to once again join the team to fill in positions 9 and 10.

“Kurt and Dan are good guys and deserve this opportunity” the source was quoted. “Playing good golf is not everything. We felt sorry for them.”

It turns out that Greystone’s off-season search for new players was unsuccessful. Candidates Andy Kurncz, Todd “Piper” Statetzny and Bozo the Clown all declined the offer.