2007 TPC Set For Great Lakes Region

NGAWire® | 19Mar07

Today the KGAM announced that it has narrowed down the location for the 2007 TPC.

Andy Kurncz, president of the KGAM, announced that the 2007 event will be played somewhere within a 150 mile distance from any of the Great Lakes.

As an elementary school refresher, the lakes include Lake Superior (the largest by volume and deepest, larger than Scotland or South Carolina), Lake Michigan (the second-largest by volume and third-largest by area; the only one entirely in the U.S.), Lake Huron (the third-largest by volume; the second largest in area), Lake Erie (the smallest by volume and most shallow of all the great lakes) and Lake Ontario (the second-smallest in volume and smallest in area, much lower elevation than the rest).

When asked if he thought that Lake St. Clair should be included as a Great Lake, Kurncz stated “Its approximate size of 430 square miles is relatively small in comparison to the other five Great Lakes. In no way whatsoever do I consider it great.”

Insiders at the KGAM have leaked word that “humdinger” and “treat” have been heard describing the plans about the 2007 TPC. Only time will tell.