Homeless In Detroit Hungry No More

NGAWire® | 22Mar07

The plight of the homeless men, women and children in Detroit has been a long time problem with no immediate end in sight.

One man has decided to take the issue head on. His name is Andy Kurncz. Kurncz, a resident of Fenton and president of the KGAM, has decided to make this March “Give Girl Scout Cookies to Homeless” month.

“I have always had a place in my heart for the down-and-out and less fortunate. Every time I head to the MGM Grand or Greektown casino, my heart pains for all the destitute I drive past.”

Kurncz has been handing out boxes of Girl Scout cookies to wandering Detroiters for the past two weeks. He is planning to distribute $150 worth of these scrumptious treats throughout the Motor City.

“Nothing beats the look on the face of someone when I hand them the cookies. They seem somewhat puzzled at first, but once they notice it is a box of Thin Mints, pure joy overcomes them.”

Many have said they the world today is a heartless and cruel place to live. Not true if you live on the streets in Detroit.

NOTE – The homeless are not the only one’s benefiting form this good will. The KGAM is able to unload the additional quantities of Girl Scout cookies it has on hand (due to a botched ordering plan) and take a charitable contribution tax break in 2007. Looks like a win-win for everyone!