McKay In Double Blow Out Trouble

NGAWire® | 28Mar07

This past Sunday (25Mar07), Team Greystone’s captain and boss Steve Lawler scheduled an on course “interview” for three of the extra players at Shepherd’s Hollow GC (Clarkston, MI).

The players auditioning for Lawler where Kurt Goetzke, Danny McKay and Officer Tim. Fortunately for Team Greystone, three of the four players bettered a score of 80. Captain Lawler lead the way with 75, newcomer “Top Cop” Tim ticketed a 77 and Goetzke rolled in with a 79. All very respectable early season scores!

The one player to not crack 80 (or even 90) was McKay; he whimpered around the course in a 91. He hit his ball “all over God’s green earth” stated a nameless playing partner. Not only did his round displease Capt Lawler and all but cement his spot as “el número diez”, but it cost him a wallet full of cash.

Although it is unknown exactly how much money burned its way out of McKay’s pockets, it is estimated at around $50. A double blow out loss to The Law cost $20, losses to both Fuzzy and Goat cost $10 each and a team bet loss $10 more. Hopefully McKay did not take part in a skins or pins game!

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