Goetzke’s 1st Start Nets Greystone 1st Loss Of Season

NGAWire® | 30Apr07

The facts are in. Yesterday in MPGA Team Play, Greystone II traveled to Romeo for a match versus lowly Romeo I. Yesterday Kurt Goetzke made his first start of the season. Yesterday Greystone II was defeated for their first loss of 2007.

What the heck happened? Can Goetzke’s season of hope really be over before May arrives? Was his fitness regimen and new attitude effort all for not? Can Goetzke be considered anything but a run of the mill shitty golf?

Upon finishing his round (not that it is important, but he blew 88), Goetzke stormed into the clubhouse, tossed his $20 match fee at his captain and bolted from the grounds. Late last evening, Team Captain Steve Lawler received the following text message from Goetzke: “Sorry-had NO more cheer left-2day TRULY made me ask myself if I should consider givin up the game I have loved 4 many years-1 of the most disappointin days EVER”.

It looks like another NGA member has lost both his mind and game. Who will be next?