Kurncz Delinquent Pisses Off LGA

LGAWire® | 4May07

Richmond, VA – The Masters 2007 golf committee has officially put Kurncz on probation for late payment of entry fees.

“It’s a shame that the committee has to go public with this probation – given the committee’s long-standing tradition of keeping finances under the sheet. One bad apple can ruin the bushel as they say in Augusta,” says a veteran committee member.

There is still time for Kurncz to have the conditional status for the 2008 Masters to be lifted. He must deliver the entry fee by the end of May.

“This kind of tarnishes everything – the green jacket, the money, everything. To think that a boy from Iowa can win the Masters, and truly capable individual like Kurncz can’t find a mailbox – well, it makes you wonder – you know,” moped winner Zach Johnson.

So the clock is ticking… will the invite be extended next year? Only one person has the power to change everything – and make everything right once again.