LGA Hates Kurncz, Others To Follow Lead

LGAWire® | 1Jun07

Richmond, VA – The LGA has officially called on the other governing bodies, namely the NGA and the WMGA to ban Kurncz from all future events.

The audacity of Kurncz to never pay up for his entry into the MASTERS 2007! pool is great cause for alarm. It is an indicator that something more tragic – and more harming – may come in future events. Therefore we are calling out to other governing bodies to ban Kurncz from all future events.

This call out for action is very similar to the “88” rule that the LPGA has in place at their events. Kurncz may claim that a “wrist” injury has caused him not to write a check, but we all know that the LGA accepts cash as well.

First the NGA, then the WMGA – next we’ll position the big boys – GAM, USGA, etc… We may even warm the MGM Grand in Detroit about his ways.