Finally… Kurncz Makes Things Right

LGAWire® | 11Jun07

Richmond, VA – The LGA would like to welcome back to the Masters2007 family, Mr. Andy Kurncz. “At exactly 4:15pm on Saturday, June 9th, the Masters2007 committee did receive a letter from Kurncz.”

After the committee put the letter through a rigorous anthrax screening process, the contents of the letter were revealed.

“We are very pleased to announce that the check was signed and represented the correct amount, that being $20. In fact, as a token of good faith, a Starbucks gift card was also included in the letter.”

The LGA now officially calls for the other governing bodies to consider letting Kurncz in – at least on a conditional basis.

“We can finally focus our efforts on 2008.” lamented an emotionally scarred committee member. “What Kurncz did was egregious and attacked the true soul of competition. But like all things, time will blunt the knife that Kurncz wielded on this committee and on the game itself.”