Early Morning Golf

NGAWire® | 6Jul07
NGA Contributing Reporter, Ron Clifton

Last night I got the green light to play today. I was holding a KMGA rain check from the Bob Milar, it was burning a hole in my pocket.

Puppy got me up at 5 am let him out fed him dressed out the door by 5:30. Arrive at Milham Park at 5:50 to a locked gate. 6:30 an early bird member told me the gate usually doesn’t open until nearly 7:00. Today was an early day for the Milham staff the gate opened at 6:45. After unloading clubs and preparing to play I learned the early bird retired Milham Membership is holding the first 4 tee times. So I am the first of the back 9 at 7 am 1:15 after arriving.

I had a magical 9 holes 7/8 fw, 1/9 greens, 14 putts for 41. A great scrambling day. On 10 I hit my 3rd just to the back of the green had to chip over a 2 inch water hose to a foot for a par. On 12 great sand save short sided right bunker with pin tucked right. On 13 after sculling a 9 iron over the green chipped low 7 iron from under a pine tree to 10 feet nearly made great par, good bogey. Solid play until the drivable 277 yd (plays longer) 16th. Piped 4 wood to 70 yds pin way in the front came over sw flew way over green by 50 yds down hill on hard pan by cart path nearly in the woods as the guy cutting the green waits. I knock sw back 25 feet and drain it for par! He was impressed he muttered and shook his head. Limped in bogey for my +4 41 on par 37 the last 2 holes always play tough. I attempted to go to the front, I played in 1 hr 20 minutes but time didn’t allow for me to post 18. I played 10 and 11 again and walked to the car at 9 am. Off to Wal-Mart, and then to GLCC for my daughter’s birthday party.

I realized I don’t have the time nor patience to play much golf in a 4 some for 5 hrs. I love the flow I had dew sweeping the back 9 being the first one to play it. Got to 18 before it was mowed :)

Not sure I got my money’s worth for my 18 hole rain check only got 11 in and not a postable 18 hole score. Learned I will never ever head to Milham without a tee time. The 3 some leading off didn’t want anyone joining them I could tell I didn’t bother asking.

After a relaxing afternoon at GLCC by the lake beach sand playground. One day soon I may be a social CC member with hopefully a few free 18 hole passes to use here and there. Time will tell. I know I will not be joining KMGA Milham or Eastern any time soon.