Dew Sweeping

NGAWire® | 9Jul07
NGA Contributing Reporter, Coree Raden

My round Sunday Morning began at 6:47 AM on the Red Nine at Saskatoon golf club. Surprisingly the course was buzzing with activity, another single was teeing off on the White nine (although he was riding), a foursome was waiting for him to clear on the same nine. I had a twosome walking behind me that as soon as I hit my second shot on the first hole was firing away. I quickly walked up to the green and two putted for my par. In a hurry went to the next tee trying to build a gap between myself and the next group. After the second hole I couldn’t see them anymore but, assumed they were approaching the tee so, I had a one hole cushion built up. I kept up the pace, and walking down the 5th hole (easiest par 5 on the course which I bogeyed), I saw them just beginning to approach the second green. Not sure how I built a 2+ hole cushion that fast but, I just kept motoring along. Walking up the 9th hole I see the other single teeing off on the Blue nine. So, I was about even with him since he teed off and was in the fairway when I teed off.

Made the turn at 7:50 AM, moving across the street to the Gold nine. Walked the first two holes of the back nine and couldn’t see anyone else out there besides me, smooth sailing ahead. As I teed off on the 12th hole as I addressed the ball, I heard a driver impacting the ball on the second hole. As I walked towards the tree I hit on this par 3, I surveyed the situation and saw that it was a single golfer riding with his dog running along side him. In my mind I said okay let’s pick up the pace to stay ahead of him. 13th hole pulled my drive towards the woods, as I was walking towards my ball and hoping it got kicked out, I watched to see how fast he was playing he was moving along pretty good, walking off the second green as I found my ball safely in the rough with only minor tree troubles. Moving along quickly I preceded to the finish the 14th hole and looked back and he was still on the 13th green. Hit a nice drive on the 15th and hit my approach to 10 feet on this short par 5, missed the eagle of course. He was actually on the 15th tee as I finished the hole. Quickly played through the 16th hole par 3 which I 3 putted for bogey. As I arrived at my ball in the 17th fairway he was just approaching the tee on 16. In my mind I relaxed and said okay, I am not going to have to let him play through. Finished the last two holes with ho hum 2 putt pars. After returning to my bag on the 18th green, I looked at my clock to see how fast I had played. It was 8:52. So, 18 holes in 2:05. Actually 1 minute shy of my record round.

As much as I enjoy playing golf with friends, I also enjoy playing these types of rounds where I can play 18 holes before 9 AM and still have the rest of the day to do what I want. On a side note, Karl can you update my low round to a +1 – 72 at Saskatoon Golf Club on July 8, 2007.