I Ate The Pounder

NGAWire® | 24Jul07

Yesterday NGA’s own Andy Kurncz ate the pounder.

During his lunch with fellow MicroMotion co-workers at Cheeburger Cheeburger in Livonia, MI, Andy and fellow colleague Dan decided they would take on the semi-famous “Our Famous Pounder” 20oz pre-cooked hamburger.

“The first half went down like nothing” declared Andy. The second was a bit more of a challenge. “I really had to pace myself eating the 2nd half pound.”

Not only did both men finish their burgers, but they also consumed a basket of Frings and large drinks. Their efforts obtained them each an “I ATE THE POUNDER” t-shirt and a photo of themselves holding a massive burger was taken and adorns the restaurant’s wall of fame.

Noted Andy, “What we ate was equivalent to five Quarter Pounder’s w/Cheese.”