TPC Field Small In Number, Big On Heart

NGAWire® | 26Jul07

With less than 56 days until the 2007 TPC, only 5 players have committed entry forms and payment. “This looks to be the smallest TPC field ever!” stated NGA president Karl Nagy.

Nonetheless, the players that have entered are the heart and soul of the TPC.

Dan McKay, #1 entry, handicap 10 – Past TPC contestant. Likes to move ball left to right or right to left, streaky putter, soft hands.

Coree Raden, #2, handicap 0 – Past TPC champion. Strong driver of ball, streaky putter, fair with irons, good hands, keeps ball in play.

Karl Nagy, #3, handicap 9 – Past TPC champion. Fair putter, fair driver, streaky with irons, hits the ball high, likes to move ball left to right, likes cigars.

Ron Clifton, #4, handicap 15 – Past TPC champion. Likes to move ball left to right, streaky putter, hits lots of fairways, cool customer under the gun, good player.

Mark D’Antonio, #5, handicap 7 – Past TPC contestant. Good player, hits the ball high, streaky chipper, fair driver and putter.

What an exciting TPC it will be this year!!