2007 TPC ROY Race Looks Super Exciting

NGAWire® | 18Sep07

The 2007 TPC will not only crown a just and deserving champion, but for the first time in many years an exciting Rookie of the Year battle.

Not since Jeff Pretzer “Arrive, Survive, Stay Alive” campaign and victory in 2005 will a ROY be crowned. The last TPC ROY battle with more than one rookie occurred in 2001. Derek Andre overpowered newbie’s Mark Myszkowski, Joe Stubleski and Leonard Yim for honors that year.

Here is a look at this year’s rookies:

Jim Hartigan (handicap 3) – Jim looks to be the most powerful rookie in the field. His solid and consistent game, plus love for caffeine, will prove beneficial over the long haul. Jim’s participation and experience as a playing marker at the 2005 TPC will prove to be the swing factor.

Brent Pretzer (handicap 6) – Brent is a cagey competitor. If backed into a corner, he will go for your jugular. However, golf courses do not have corners and Brent will not be a factor.

Tim O’Connor (handicap 2) – Tim is one of the most gifted players in the field. His hands are large. However Tim’s low handicap and the fact that we will be coming off playing four consecutive days of tiresome tournament golf will be detrimental.

Unfortunately for all rookies, their allotted handicap strokes will prove a great hindrance in trying to capture the prized TPC title.