Pee Pee Drip Deemed No Problem

NGAWire® | 25Sep07

During the 3rd round of the 2007 TPC, golf talk made way for a more serious matter.

While waiting to hit their tee shots on the par 3 #14 at St Clair Parkway GC, a urinating Karl Nagy asked his playing partners if they had a problem with dripping urine after completion of a “draining the main vein”. They agreed that this has become a recent problem for each – much to their relief.

One unnamed player stated that he had sought medical advice for this problem. “I though my bladder was finished!” he declared. “It is good to see we are all in the same boat.”

Talk then twisted to prostate exams, fingers up the anus, teaching young sons to “tap” the penis and wet underwear stories before finally revering back to golf.