2007 TPC Recap – In My Own Words

NGAWire® | 27Sep07
Kurt Goetzke, 2007 TPC Champion

As the Back Nine started, I was pretty confident…had not hit the ball great on the Front Nine, but still had managed a 38 with some ridiculous putting…was a little down because I left a 5 foot putt woefully short on 9 for a 37, showing a little nerve and tentativeness…A very bad decision on my tee ball (hitting Driver) on Number 10 lead to a punch out and a SW that came up short and hit a tree short and right of the green…a pitch across the green and a painful just missed bogey putt from 15 feet led to double bogey…I had given back a stroke right out of the gate on the back nine…then came the turning point hole of the entire day…After Dan hit a 6 iron slightly long and left, I pulled (literally and figuratively) a 7 iron…it hit the edge of the bunker and kicked right into a great spot just off the green…Nagy then struck a 7 Iron as well and hit what appeared to be a fine, majestic shot just a bit left (looked like it would be right about where mine was)…after looking for 5 minutes, Nagy’s ball was NOWHERE to be seen and had to return to the tee where he proceeded to card an 8…Most awful break I have ever seen…I pitched to 4 feet or so and made the putt, making up 5 strokes on Karl and taking a seemingly insurmountable 6 shot lead…I made a bogey on 12 (three putting) and followed that up with a bogey on 13…then the fun began…I hit my best drive of the day on 14 (which is not saying much), and then we commenced to looking…we looked everywhere and when it appeared all was lost and I was turning the cart back to the tee, I found my ball on the edge of the fairway, just in the rough…we all agreed I could hit the ball, but feeling stupid about the whole situation, I kind of quick hit a 7 iron from about 190 (downwind) and it hit over the green and went deep into the woods…I then hit a provisional 8 iron on the BACK of the green…we found my ball, but it was a tough shot…I got it out short, but then skulled the next shot off hardpan into the fairway…I then dumped my chip about 2 feet in front of me and then pitched to 15 feet straight downhill…I then MADE the putt for a 7, losing 3 strokes to Karl…On 15 I hit a 3 Wood pin high left, but, tragically, it was against the stump of a cut down tree and against a piece of bark that would have caused my ball to move if I moved it…I chipped sideways and then chipped to about 15 feet and missed for a double…On 16 I hit 3 IRON, 5 IRON, and chipped to about 25 after a horrible bounce right…I left the putt 4 feet short and then had the worst lip out of the trip for another double bogey…Karl missed a short putt for par and we were then, all of a sudden, TIED again going to the treacherous 17th…I hit a solid punch trap draw 5 Iron to about pin high left, where I then Rescue putted to 3 feet and made it for par…Nagy also pared and we moved on to 18 still tied…I smoked a 3 Iron down the middle, but in a terrible lie…I forced a solid cut 4 iron up in front of the green, but on a downhill hardpan lie…Nagy had hit left and long in the fairway bunker with an impossible shot and when he caught too much ball and hit it way into the hazard long, I had an opening…I considered chipping sideways, but felt I could get under it enough to get it somewhere on the green…NOT TRUE…I skulled it horribly into the face of the bunker…fortunately for me, it made it down into the bunker and out of the ankle high grass…the sand was very firm and it was probably as hard of a shot as the previous one, but I executed it very well to about 4-5 left of the hole…Nagy had about 15 feet for bogey, so, if he missed I could 2 Putt comfortably…BUT, he didn’t!!! After he made, I leaked the putt just right and it was off to a PLAYOFF!!! The first playoff hole was pretty ugly, culminating with Nagy making a 10 foot putt for bogey (after he gave me an opening by dumping one in the same bunker I was in earlier)…I had putted by about 4 feet and had to make to extend the playoff, which I did…then came the other “turning point” hole for the day…I thought I could hit Driver on 1…The hole set up too good not too…Unfortunately, my pattern of awful driving continued and I lost it right…I had to drop and off of hardpan, I hit one of the best Rescues I have ever hit considering the situation…it got to about 40 yards short of the pin, still giving me a little hope…Nagy was on the fringe in 2 on the Par 5, so my only chance was making PAR and hoping…I hit a really good low SW that ended up about 6 feet short…Karl chipped to about 12 feet and then missed, giving me a chance to go another hole and I capitalized by making the putt for an all world PAR!!! With momentum on my side, I hit a solid 6 iron on the next hole and a PW to about 20 Feet…Karl had hit left and long with his second shot and then skulled a chip across the green in the bunker…he splashed out long and chipped to about 10 feet, giving me 3 Putts (THANK GOD) to win…I thought I had made the birdie putt, but it lipped out…I straddled to brush in the 2 footer for PAR and MISSED!!! I then composed myself and made the 18 incher to WIN!!! It was an exhausting day with many emotional highs and lows, but to sum everything up, I would not have had it any other way…going head to head with my great friend and having everyone following us and watching, was a great experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything…I hope we have the same excitement next year and I get to ride around in the cart and watch!!!