2007 TPC Recap – In My Own Words

NGAWire® | 1Oct07
Karl Nagy, 2007 TPC Runner-up

At the turn – After a solid par on 9, I was happy to be only 2 down going to the back nine against putting manic Goetzke. What I was not happy with was the service in the clubhouse for two Gatorades – it took 15 minutes to pay for them, plus I left my favorite golf towel on the counter. Stupid Canadians! [Goetzke 38, Nagy 40]

10th hole (par 4) – I figured that driver was the perfect club and hit an easy one to the right center of the fairway. Goetzke decided that driver was perfect too and hit a high flare right – luckily he missed it way right of all the junk. My approach came up short on the fringe and I didn’t chip it close enough, but Kurt was busy hitting a tree and pitching long of the pin; he did make another long one for double. All was well. Lead down to one. [Goetzke 44, Nagy 45]

11th hole (par 3) – After McKay stole the tee and hit a 6-iron just left and long, I knew my 7 was perfect. I hit it at the right edge of the left bunker, but I didn’t see it land. I figured it was just long. Upon reaching the green, my ball was nowhere. After some searching, I headed back to the tee. I remember thinking what a long, stupid, dirty cart ride this was to that misplaced tee. I hoped not to be killed by the golfers teeing off on 18. I pulled my second 7-iron under a tree, dubbed one into the bunker, splashed out and mindlessly three putted, all the while my buddy Kurt was pitching and putting for par. In a blink of an eye, I just lost 5 shots. I was in big trouble now. [Goetzke 47, Nagy 53]

12th hole (par 5) – Goetzke had the tee and hit his 3-iron way left. I pulled out driver, even though Kurt said there was no room to hit it, I needed to smack something very badly. I aimed left and unleashed. The ball ended perfect at the 150 yard marker, but I failed to get my 2nd all the way up to the perched green and only made par. Goetzke gleefully found his tee ball and reached the green in three, but he left his tough downhill putt short (thanks Dan and Ron for scaring him) and missed the par attempt. Finally a miss by Goat! [Goetzke 53, Nagy 58]

13th hole (par 4) – My head was finally cleared again and I told myself all was not lost. I smoked my driver perfect (again). Unfortunately my approach was pulled and missed left. My recovery pitch wasn’t good enough. Bogey for me. Goetzke was busy hacking down the entire right side of the hole, but came away with bogey as well. No blood. [Goetzke 58, Nagy 63]

14th hole (par 4) – I ripped another drive dead center and a good 9-iron left me 8 feet for birdie. Goetzke said he hit a great drive, but we couldn’t find it. After a long search, he found it on his way back to the teebox. His ball was 20 yards behind McKay’s, not 25 ahead. Nice! Unfortunately for him he smoked his 2nd way over the green into some shrubbery. I thought to myself that maybe this was my chance? After finding his ball, Kurt’s third just got it out of the deep stuff; he then pitched it long of the green, fatted one, then wedged to 10-12 feet and rolled the putt in (of course) for triple. Before I attempted by birdie, I switched my grip to cross-handed and played the ball off my left toe. I was putting so badly, I figured it couldn’t hurt. I hit a good putt, but misread the amount of break. Nonetheless, I picked up three shots. [Goetzke 65, Nagy 67]

15th hole (par 3) – Driver was too much, so I tried to smoke hook a 2-iron, but toe dubbed it 70 yards from the green. Poor Goetzke’s tee ball ended up on a tree stump balanced on some pieces of crap wood. No chance for par. He squibed his shot behind the green and couldn’t get it up and down. I hit a real good 2nd to about 8 feet, but missed it to tie the lead. [Goetzke 70, Nagy 71]

16th hole (par 4) – I hit another drive perfectly and a solid approach 30 feet pin high left. Goetzke was again all over the place and reach the green in three. I decided to hit the putt with my SW for better speed, but I left it six feet shy. It was more uphill than I thought. I hit another good cross handed putt (to tie the lead), but I missed again. Goetzke must have felt sorry for me and slow lipped out his tiny putt for bogey. Somehow all was squared. [Goetzke 76, Nagy 76]

17th hole (par 3) – A tough hole. I hit a steered 6-iron to the right back (safe side) of the green. Big relief. Goetzke hit his tee ball on a better line, but near the water left. Kurt chipped close with his rescue and I hit a real good first putt and made a man-maker 3 footer for par. [Goetzke 79, Nagy 79]

18th hole (par 5) – I pumped a real good driver to just around the 200 yard marker. Kurt hit a good 3-iron off the tee and another long iron just short of a greenside bunker. SkyCaddie said I had 205 yards to the middle of the green. I planned to play a high fade over the trees, but I swung a bit hard and the ball went straight and unluckily ended in a fairway bunker. I had about 60 yards over another trap to the green. I thought about playing around the sand, but figured if I hit a good one the pressure would be back on Kurt. I caught too much ball and I went over the green into a hazard. I took my drop and pitched to 10 feet-ish. Kurt dumped his 3rd into a bunker, but hit a good sand shot to 5 feet. I knew I needed to make mine for any chance and poured it in. I still figured Goetzke would make his, but no. His putt lost its speed and missed low. Playoff time. [Goetzke 85, Nagy 85]

Playoff 1: 18th hole (par 5) – Goetzke went first and hit an ugly 3-iron short and right. I hit my worst drive of the day, longer than him, but right too. I figured a 9-iron would get me to around 100 yards, but fatted it to 150. An easy 9-iron from 150 was a perfect third, but I patched it again, just short of Goetzke’s bunker. I really wasn’t paying attention, but somehow Goetzke finally reached the green in four. My pitch from short of the bunker was on bear ground, but I was fairly confident I could hit it close. I was wrong and dumped it into the trap. I hit the sand shot to 8 feet and made the putt for bogey. Kurt now had to make his lag from 4 feet to extend things. He poured it in.

Playoff 2: 1st hole (par 5) – Goetzke choose his driver – as long as he hit it solid, he’d be fine. He didn’t and hit a high, weak ball right into a hazard. I ripped my driver dead center to under 200 yards. Big advantage me. After a drop next to the garbage, Kurt ripped a rescue 250+ yards to 20 yards short. Nice recovery pal. I picked a 7-iron for my second to avoid going long and hit it to the front fringe. Goetzke told me he was going to get up and down and wedged it to 6 feet. My 8-iron chip and run stopped 10 feet short and my putt to win the damn thing missed low. I thought with the aerated green, Kurt may miss, maybe, maybe. Nope.

Playoff 3: 2nd hole (par 4) – Kurt ripped a 6-iron over the edge of the trees perfect. My 6-iron was pushed right, almost OB, but ended safe. My 2nd went long and left while Kurt put his in the center of the green. I was in trouble. I needed to get up and down, but should have picked a PW instead of SW and thinned it over into another bunker. My bunker shot rolled outside Kurt’s approach and all was done. Kurt was the winner.