Raden Is #1 in 2008… Or Is McKay?

NGAWire® | 25Oct07

Earlier this week (10/23/07 at 12:11pm) the NGA released its plans for the 2008 TPC. An “unofficial” request for deposit payment for interested participants was solicited.

That same day (1:19pm), the NGA received the first 2008 TPC deposit payment from 3-time TPC champion Coree Raden. Raden, bitter over the fact that he was not the first contestant to submit payment in 2007, made sure to get his money in fast. “I am very happy I beat (Dan) McKay to the punch this time” stated a gleaming Raden.

Unfortunately for Raden, his PayPal payment is still currently at an UNCLEARED status. The expected clearing date of his payment is tomorrow, 10/26/07.

Today, TPC stalwart Dan McKay’s entry payment was received, also via PayPal. However, the status of McKay’s payment is COMPLETED.

This now begs the question, who is the 1st entrant for the 2008 TPC?

Section 19-22 of the NGA’s Guide to Running a Successful Tournament states – An entry is only considered official when the required payment is received. Entries with partial payment or lacking payment are considered void.

Move over Raden, Dan McKay is the first entrant in the 2008 TPC.