Dog Days Of Fall

NGAWire® | 2Nov07

WOOF – Yesterday the NGA received an urgent message from Ron Clifton requesting DVM advice. It had appeared to Clifton that his puppy dog Pluto had swallowed the metal portion of a twin razor blade. All that was found on the floor was the plastic housing.

Clifton rushed his dog to the local veterinary hospital were it was determined that Pluto indeed had eaten the razor blade.

Should Pluto be allowed to try and pass the blade through his system, in hope that his stomach, intestines and anal regions would not become a butchered mess or to put him under the expensive, yet more reliable surgical knife of a veterinary handyman?

Clifton chose surgery and his doggie is resting fine. “We dodged a huge bullet today!” texted Clifton.

Upon receiving the bill, he also added “We just repurchased Pluto $$$$ again!”

WOOF, WOOF – Last Friday, on the way home from work, the NGA gave a call to Andy Kurncz to see how things were going.

Kurncz stated that he and his family were at Payless Shoes in Twelve Oaks enjoying Bogo. He bragged that after buying shoes, the family was off to Olga’s Kitchen for dinner. A large order of Snackers and an Original Olga was in his future.

I complained that it was not fair for him to enjoy Olga’s while his buddy in the south could not. In a show of good gesture, Kurncz promised to send me a picture of his meal.

Two hours had past and no picture. The NGA was worried and gave him a call.

Kurncz stated that things had changed and he was now on his way home. No Olga’s Kitchen for him – no Snackers or Original Olga. He complained his belly was hungry.

It seems as though the Kurncz family had meandered into a mall pet store. $500 later they were on their way home with a new dog.

“I guess it will be crappy pizza tonight” exclaimed a bewildered Kurncz.