McKay Uncorks At Bowling Alley

NGAWire® | 14Nov07
HGA Contributing Reporter, Danny McKay

Last Thursday during our Howie’s bowling league, our team “Bad News Balls” (Kurt, Steve, Shenkosky and I) was in a tough match against the President of the company team. We had won the first game by 47 pins. We then lost the second game by 25 pins. Now in the third game, after three frames it was not looking good.

Ever the competitors, Kurt and I were trying our hardest to find something, anything to pull out a win. I threw my first ball and thought it was perfect, but when it hit the pins and left an 8-10 split. I was furious and upon walking back swung my left fist at the ball return. CRACK. Immediately I knew something was wrong. My fingers went numb. The numbness was followed by pain, a lot of pain. I stood motionless for a moment hoping that it would be fine, but I was wrong. I then grabbed my ball and threw it, missing the spare.

Unfortunately now, not only was I in pain, but we continued to get throttled. When the smoke cleared we had lost the last game and totals. No one on the team was happy.

On the way home I tried steering the wheel with my sore hand, not a great idea. When turning onto 14 Mile the wheel caught my pinky finger bending it slightly… I can honestly say it was some of the worst pain I have ever felt.

I then called Kim to tell her I was on the way home. I told her my hand was killing me and what had happened. She called me an “idiot and that I shouldn’t be punching sh!t”. I thanked her for the advice and hung up.

When I got home the swelling was bad. I tried to elevate it to keep the pressure down. I was able to sleep off and on, but the pain was kind of bad.

Over the next few days it was painful, but I wanted to make it through the weekend and see how it healed. On Monday, I called and made a doctor’s appointment to have my monthly blood test for my blood thinner and a look at the hand.

Before I left for the appointment today Kim asked me to let the Doc know about my hand. So I promised.

At the appointment he looked the hand over and said we needed an X-ray. When the pics were done he brought them into the room and broke the bad news. My hand was broken. He showed me the break just behind my left pinky knuckle. My first words: “You’re not putting a cast on it”.

He protested and told me that I should. This way he could guarantee that I don’t try to swing a golf club. I asked him what other options he had. He then produced a splint and a roll of tape. After a couple minutes, I had a makeshift splint, and he had a promise that I would not do anything to it for 6 weeks.

Needless to say I feel like an idiot. But I have learned a valuable lesson. When you’re losing in bowling, do not punch the ball return. You can break your hand.

My rehab for the 2008 CJI, Guldahl and TPC will begin Dec 20.

NOTE – This article was issued to “set the record straight before the rumor mill blows it out of proportion”.