Where Has The Love Gone?

NGAWire® | 12Jan08
NGA Staff Writer, Kurt Goetzke

On Friday, Steve came to Hungry Howie’s for lunch. Over slices of pizza we began to talk about how the weather has been and the possibility of playing some golf. As Steve was about to leave, he came in my office and I got on to accuweather.com and found that the forecast for Saturday was very favorable. It said about 40 degrees and partly cloudy with minimal wind. We made plans to play around 11:30AM. We were giddy with anticipation. As I was going to the afternoon workout, I stopped by to see Dan, certain that he’d be excited about the prospects of playing as well. He does live right down the road, after all, and who loves the game more than Dan??? Or so I thought. Much to my dismay, his response was that “he may have something to do” and “he’d let us know”. I immediately contacted Steve with the news that Dan was being a BIG PUSSY, and that he should contact him. I got a call from this morning from Steve at about 9:30AM saying he had talked to Dan (after several calls back and forth with Dan not answering his phone…”what are you talking about!!!!”). What I found out shocked and amazed me. Steve asked if Dan was in for this morning. Dan asked him what time. Steve told him he had a quick job to do, and he’d be there in about an hour. Dan then said he “probably would not be able to make it.” Something about buying floor mats for his car. After some ribbing from Steve, Dan unceremoniously hung up, not to be heard from the rest of the day. There once was a time when Dan would be the first in the parking lot, full of anticipation and excitement, not being able to sleep the night before, because he knew there was golf to play the next morning. A golf club in his hand as natural as his little winky the first time he whacked off to Ginger (or was it Mary Ann) watching Gilligan’s Island. Oh how times have changed. Now, floor mats take precedence over the former love of his life. We can only ask WHY DAN??? Where has the love gone??? Oh well, as they say. Steve and I plugged along. And what a day of golf it would turn out to be. It was nip and tuck all day long, with Steve pulling out a hard fought victory in the end (71-72). Several laughs were had throughout the round at our friends’ expense. More than once, the name of Andy Kurncz was invoked. Be it when a drive went into the sun and nobody saw it (“Why doesn’t anyone ever watched Kurnczie’s ball??? I’m not watching yours now!!!) or when there was a divot out of a green in one of our lines (“hey, Kurnczie must have played in front of us”), it was laugh after laugh. Then, we started talking about the TPC and its handicaps for next year and how it’s not fair that Lawler has to give 10 strokes to Nagy and how Nagy laughs about them because they are not hurting him (and are in fact helping him), so he’s fine with it. Steve and I both decided that the handicap committee should be re-formed and a meeting at the LS was in order. And then, there was our good buddy Dan, again. Talk moved to the Glenhurst Spring Scramble and how Steve, Dan and Lennie (their new ‘C’ player) were going to take on the field this year. Yet, after Dan’s no show, and apparent new love for Home and Gardening, we began discussing how NO LOVE DAN may have to be replaced. We remembered how Coree had texted us earlier and said how much he wished he could have been there and that if we waited a couple hours, he’d be in and how, even if he had his kids, he’d still be there and the 3 of them would caddie for us. Now that is LOVE and DEDICATION to the game. Steve and I laughed about this and decided that Coree is the logical replacement for Dan as their ‘B’ player this year. Chuckles could be heard across the course. After Steve holed out for a nice bogey 5 on 18 to beat me by one, we moved on to HOOTERS for some BEER and FOOD. Our server Sara (see picture), a pretty hot little Chaldean girl, entertained us for an hour or so and forced us to do a shot of Washington Apple. With our bellies full and a couple of libations in us to just give us a little buzz, the day was complete. Sorry for those that missed it, but it sure is great to say that we played golf in Michigan in January and that the course was in decent shape and the weather was excellent, all things considered. If only Dan would have been there with us. Ehhh, maybe not. He just would have held us up and caused us to blow a higher number watching him play out of the trees all day (that was our final laugh). Please enjoy the final stats and pictures.

Round Statistics
Kurt 72, 10 Greens, 3 Birdies, 3 Fairways, 28 Putts
Steve 71 10 Greens, 4 Birdies, 4 Fairways, 27 Putts