Washed Up

NGAWire® | 15Jan08
NGA Staff Writer, Kurt Goetzke

An NGA insider has recently brought to this reporter’s attention some very shocking information. While on a recent trip to Florida, Karl Nagy and his brother Jesse went out for a leisurely round of golf. What it turned into was validation of how far the mighty Karl Nagy’s golf game has fallen.

My sources tell me that after 5 holes, Jesse, a novice golfer that holds probably a 30 plus handicap, lead Karl. The struggles continued for Karl and he barely squeaked by on the front nine, beating Jesse by maybe 4-5 strokes.

On the back nine, Jesse continued to apply the pressure, even having an EAGLE PUTT!!! Unfortunately, he 3-putted, something Karl has become very familiar with himself as of late. In the end, Karl hung on for victory, but it was much more difficult than it should have been.

The NGA gained an exclusive interview with Jesse after the round. When asked if he would be returning to play in the TPC this year, he responded that “he was looking forward to maybe playing this year and kicking all of our sorry asses, especially Karl’s (again).”

An attempt was also made to interview Karl, but he was not available for comment, fleeing to his car right off the 18th green, driving off with his golf shoes still on and the sweat of a hard fought (too hard fought) round still on his brow.

NGA NOTE – The actual final scores were Karl 86, Jesse 101.