The Dream

NGAWire® | 12Feb08

Last night I had a dream that the final round of the 2008 TPC started to tee off a little late. By the time the leaders group went to tee off it was dark outside. Apparently the reason for the delay was that Andy got us all a great deal on the round, but they threw in flashlights so that it would make it easier. The final group was Ron, some guy Ron knew named Joe, another guy I don’t know, and myself.

On the first tee we were told that it was a dog leg left and that we should aim at the street light off in the distance, but only hit the drive around 220 yards, otherwise it would OB.

Ron’s friend Joe was in the lead and we were all bitching because he had a hefty handicap but shot something like 76 in the first round.

Waking up this morning I had a few things that I would like to ask the NGA and KGAM.

1. Please don’t schedule the final round at 7:30 pm.
2. Please don’t invite any friend of Ron’s named Joe something.
3. If Ron’s friend Joe is invited, please give him an appropriate handicap.
4. Please start loading up on batteries and improving your sprinting times if any of the above come true.

Respectfully yours,
Dan “First official entrant and badge no. 1 bearer for the 2008 TPC” McKay