Late Comers Increase CJI By Two

NGAWire® | 25Feb08

The NGA is pleased to welcome two new contestants to the 2008 CJI – Danny McKay and Andy Kurncz.

Though the request by McKay and Kurncz to attend the Myrtle Beach gathering was very late coming, the NGA decided that it was in the best interest of all parties to grant them entry.

McKay, a CJI rookie, has secured airline flights to and from Myrtle Beach while Kurncz, also a CJI rookie, choose to navigate the 822 mile trip by car.

Welcome to the CJI boys!

NOTE – The late entries by McKay and Kurncz have screwed the crap out of the original CJI golf course rota. Hopefully the NGA and Dayton House will be able to find one or two semi decent courses to play.