Big Changes For Team Greystone; 2008 Projected Great

NGAWire® | 26Feb08

Sometimes the only solution is to throw the baby out with the bath water. MPGA’s Team Greystone believes this to be fact and is flushing five of its own down the toilet in hopes of resurrecting a once promising team.

After a dismal season in 2007, Team Greystone overhauled themselves by dumping 5 players, exactly one half of their team members. Included in the unloading was NGA mainstays Kurt Goetzke and Dan McKay.

Can such a personnel overhaul work for Greystone? “It really can’t get any worse!” stated an unnamed Greystone captain. “They simple are not good golfers. We truly enjoyed having these guys on our team and wish them good luck in their future golfing endeavors.”

Also being dismissed was Larry Semczak (appreciative about the dismissal), Nate Stevens (joined Team Wolverines) and Chris Lowry (was hoping for a banner year, but caught in a numbers game).

One surprise was the retention of full time substitute Andy Kurncz. Even though Kurncz is not really a “team” member, it was shocking that Greystone would retain services of a practice player averaging 91.8.

NGAWire® NOTE – Former Team Greystone member Kurt Goetzke opened his 2008 golf season with masterful round of 72. Could this cause Greystone captain Steve Lawler to rue the day he cut Goetzke from the team or was this simply a matter of happenstance?