Law Enforcement

NGAWire® | 3Mar08

Steve Lawler and Karl Nagy have placed a number of wagers on the state of Nagy’s golf game during the upcoming CJI.

A push number has been established per round based on the yardage of the course. If Nagy can better the number, he wins; if he goes over, Lawler collects. The target numbers are 81 (distance under 6000 yards), 83 (distance between 6000 and 6999 yards) and 85 (distance 7000 yards of greater).

If Nagy can break 80, he will earn a bonus $5, but if he blows 91 or more, Lawler collects the fiver.

These scores may be bit lofty based on the state of Nagy’s game.

“I am sure there will be at least one round played where too many good cigars, too much warm sun and one too many cold beers will be too much to over come!” stated Nagy.