Lemmon, McKay, Clifton ’08 CJI Champions

NGAWire® | 13Mar08

Teammates Chris Lemmon, Dan McKay and Ron Clifton (CAPT) defeated Kurt Goetzke, Karl Nagy and Andy Kurncz (CAPT) to win the inclement weather laden 2008 CJI.

Team LMC parlayed an outstanding opening round into complete defeat of Team GNK. The trio of Lemmon-McKay-Clifton won by 9 strokes, 203 (67-68-68) to 212 (74-71-67).

“We won! We won! We won!” exclaimed Captain Clifton. “Pinch me, I must be sleeping. I really can’t believe we pulled off the upset. We won! We won!”

In stark contrast, Captain Kurncz’s disappointment with his top man Goetzke was evident. “They ham and egged it very well” exclaimed a weary eyed Kurncz. “They received key contributions from each player, we did not.”

Due to a number of factors (early morning tee times, daylight savings, a long drive home, bad weather in New York, leg aches and pains, 36 holes of golf the prior day, lack of good rest, too much eating), the final round of the tournament was cancelled, reducing the tournament to 54 holes.

The funny thing is that no one really seemed to oppose it.

NGA NOTE – Two foolish CJI members, Andy Kurncz and Karl Nagy, foolishly wagered on the results of their foolish rounds. Both players owe not-so-foolish bettor Steve Lawler $15 per man. Just plain foolish boys!