When He Could Play

NGAWire® | 19Mar08

Ten years ago, he could play. Boy could he play. Rumors had always existed that he could, but nothing was ever seen to back it up.

His season average was an impressive 78.82. Only three of his 65 scores were higher than 87. He broke the 80 barrier 44 times and shot 75 or less 21 times.

He averaged over 8 GIR’s per round, hitting 13 or more five times. He made 6 eagles and recorded 3 or more birdies 14 times.

Only 13 of his 1098 holes (4 rounds were not detailed) were played at greater than double bogey.

In his final 14 rounds, his scoring average was an astonishing 73.79.

Ten years ago Andy Kurncz could play.