What Did I Do?

NGAWire® | 26Mar08

Detroit’s Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff Christine Beatty have been charged with lying under oath about having an affair and about their role in firing a police officer.

“Seventy years. What did I do? They’re trying to lock me up forever. For text messages?” Kilpatrick told the standing-room-only crowd at the Shrine of the Black Madonna on Detroit’s west side.

In some of those more than 14,000 messages, Kilpatrick and Beatty – both married at the time – exchanged sexual banter, declared their love and arranged trysts in motels in Metro Detroit and on out-of-town business trips.

“I have the opportunity right now to go prison, not jail, for text messages. There’s been no evidence. No facts presented. Get out of office and go to prison.” stated the Mayor.

We all hope that Kwame’s good name will be cleared and the city of Detroit continues its resurrection.