Two Teams Prepare, One In Despair

NGAWire® | 6Apr08

April 6 will be forever marked as the first official golf weekend for the 2008 season, only one week before the fabled Glenhurst Memorial. Golfers were out in droves and tee time sheets were booked. A few die hard souls from the NGA world paired up to kick off the ‘08 season.

Kurt “The Goat” Goetzke (Team Goetzke/Pretzer/Kurncz Captain and unofficial “A” player) and Jeff “Lenny” Longeway (Team Lawler/McKay/Longeway “C” player) kicked off the morning round at Glenhurst GC. Longeway fired a blistering 79, taming the beast of Redford and shocking both team captains. Goetzke, on the other hand shocked only himself. He turned in a quote of “terrible” describing his round of 79. “If I played like this at Greystone, it would have been in the 90’s for sure and the bad thing is that I putted terrible” said Goetzke.

While on the other side of town, the remaining team members of Team LML, Steve “The Law” Lawler and Dan “Capo” McKay teed it up for an afternoon round at the famed Plumbrook GC. The rounds did not come as a shock to Capt Lawler, who fired a lackluster round of 75, and McKay, scoring an unfulfilled 78. “If we would have played like this at Greystone today we would have shot…oh yea we didn’t” said Lawler. “I had one goal today and that was just to play a round of golf.” Both players were rusty as expected and no putt was made over twelve feet on the bumpy greens.

After posting three scores in the 70’s, Team LML is shaping up and ready for its challenge next Saturday at the Memorial. As for Team GPK, it is all in the hands of Andy “The Hedgehog” Kurncz. He is the only man that can right the ship.

NGA REMINDER – Early this spring, Goetzke was booted from Team Greystone.