A Day In The Life Of Capo McKay

NGAWire® | 7Apr08
HGA.5 Staff Writer, Dan McKay

With the temp in the low 60’s, Sunday marked a nice springtime Michigan golf season opener. The day in a nut shell:

1. Where are the keys, I’m going GOLFING!
2. Bag ready and waiting.
3. Loading it all up.
4. Happy driving!
5. Scotty loves to see putting greens. Can’t you see the smile!
6. Lawler giddy with golf love!
7. Huge lead!
8. What great form!
9. This guy, or Bigfoot, walked just like Kurt perhaps he was spying on team Lawler.
10. My lead evaporated on the back. No worries. Team Lawler was pleased with all of their Sunday play.
11. Ahhh… golf in the springtime. Happy happy joy joy!