A Day In The Life Of The Chapman Brothers

NGAWire® | 7Apr08

Today Andy and his brother Mark headed to Moose Ridge Golf Course for their Michigan season opening round of golf.

1. What signals spring golf in Michigan better than a bag of wild rum flavor Backwoods cigars?
2. The Moose Ridge warning sign clearly instructs Andy and Mark of their tee box selection. Will they listen?
3. Andy lights his cigar with his oversized Zippo lighter.
4. Andy makes a sweet swing. Looks like another fairway split right down the middle.
5. Oh no! Looks like a pulled shot from the left rough. This can only be trouble!
6. Two balls close on the 9th green. One is Mark’s tee shot, the other Andy’s provisional (Mark 3, Andy 4).
7. Mark struts after sticking a shot on the 11th hole. No need of cockiness this earlier in the year Mark.
8. Mark looks solid on tee. Can you believe this syrupy looking swing produced a dub? Maybe he was still cocky?
9. A trip back to the simpler days of golf. Mark works on his reverse ‘C’ finish. Pure sweetness!
10. Andy offers a light to the stuffed clubhouse bear.
11. Mark enjoys a laugh. Maybe they should have heeded the warning?

Final scores were Andy 86, Mark 103. Great season opener boys!!