Battle Of Glenhurst

NGAWire® | 13Apr08

The titanic battle anticipated at yesterday’s Glenhurst Scramble between Team Lawler/McKay/Longeway and Team Goetzke/Pretzer/Kurncz never materialized.

As happens at times, the hype of the mêlée is outdone by the actual match itself. Do you recall the Chicago Bears trouncing of the Washington Redskins 73-0 in 1940 NFL championship, the University of Michigan beat down of USC 49-0 in the 1948 Rose Bowl or the Team Shania ass thumping of Team Celine 10-1 in the 2003b Guldahl Cup Matches?

Team Lawler finished in an impressive tie for 2nd place with a score of 61 (-9). The Lawler trio split around $1000. Team Goetzke finished way back with a dismal round of 66 (-4). The day cost Team Goetzke members around $200 each.