Brainiac Wins Powerball

NGAWire® | 20May08

Saturday’s Powerball jackpot winner is Jonathan Vargas, a 19-year-old construction worker from Gaston, South Carolina.

Vargas matched all six numbers to win the $35 million jackpot. He decided to take the lump-sum of $17.5 million.

The first thing he’ll do now that he’s a jackpot winner? “I don’t know, probably play some video games,” Vargas said in a Monday news conference.

He’s a construction worker, and says this was the first time he’d ever played Powerball.

“I was feeling lucky, plus I had to get for gas,” he says.

Vargas says he plans to buy his mother, Patricia Richardson, a home, and then he wants to invest. He says his aunt is an accountant, so she’s helping him out.

“A lot of people go retarded with that kind of money,” Vargas said, “But God has a plan for me. I have faith.”

Good luck not going retarded Jonathan!