Screw You Apple

NGAWire® | 18Jul08

Last Monday (7/14/08) I had planned to purchase the new Apple 3G iPhone. During lunch, I went to the local Greenville AT&T store, but I was told they were out of stock. They said I could place a pre-order for the phone and it would be available in 7 to 10 days. I told them “No thanks!” and I’d come back when they had stock of the phone.

On Wednesday (7/16/08) I called all four of the greater Greenville area AT&T stores to check on stock status. None of them has the phone in stock, but pre-ordering was still offered.

Today I called the Apple store in Charlotte. They would not tell me their stock situation of iPhone’s, but directed me to check the Apple web page after 9:00pm to find out about Saturday availability. I did as told, but unfortunately both the Charlotte and Atlanta stores did not have the 16G (Black) phone.

What the hell Apple? You come out with a new iPhone and don’t have enough inventories for everyone wanting one? You market the hell out of your product and then leave the people hanging? Ridiculous!!

Maybe I will rethink my move from Verizon to AT&T.