2008 TPC Round 2 Pairings… Revised

NGAWire® | 12Aug08

After review of the blind drawing results for the 1st round of the 2008 TPC (conducted last Friday), last year’s champion Kurt Goetzke has issued the following:

In lieu of the outcome of the BLIND DRAW, I have petitioned the NGA to CHANGE my 2007 CHAMPION 2nd DAY PAIRING SELECTIONS…I was told in response by the NGA that since I won last year, I can do whatever the hell I want, and also, that I am a JACK for not waiting for the BLIND DRAW pairings to come out…But, since the NGA was dragging their feet and the field was demanding some information, I decided to calm down the natives before the BLIND DRAW picks came out…SO, here are the AMENDED 2nd day pairings as selected by the 2007 TPC CHAMPION…ENJOY!!!

GROUP 1 – Kurt Goetzke, Coree Raden, Andy Kurncz, Steve Lawler
GROUP 2 – Jim Hartigan, Bruce Kruckeberg, Jeff Pretzer, Karl Nagy
GROUP 3 – Ron Clifton, Dan McKay, Jeff Longeway, Brent Pretzer