2008 TPC Course Selection Finally Finalized

NGAWire® | 26Aug08

The rota of courses for the 2008 TPC has been finalized with the jacks at Garland. The courses and times are:

Thursday Rd1 12:00pm Reflections
Friday Rd2 8:00am Fountains
Friday FUN 1:40pm Monarch**
Saturday Rd3 12:20pm Monarch
Sunday Rd4 9:40am Swampfire

Tee boxes for each round are under review by the KGAM.

** The fun round Friday afternoon will be a two A-B player event. The format will be 3-3-3-3-3-3 where the game played changes every three hole. Possible games include scramble, best ball, total score, worst ball scramble, alternate shot, modified alternate shot, three-club challenge, two-club challenge, one-club challenge, etc… This fun round will precede Friday evenings “Taking It To Blackout” activities.

The finalized fun round games are under review by the KGAM.

Teams for the fun round will be paired via blind draw. The A and B players groups are:

A – The Law, Goat, Jimmy Boy, The Greatest TPC’er Ever, PJP, NGA
B – Great McKay, The Cruiser, Heidi Klumberg, Y2K, Lennie, PJP Junior

It was a very tough decision for the NGA and KGAM to determine the bottom crap of the A player group. PJP, NGA and Great McKay are all considered awful A players, but Great’s lack of resent play pushed him into B player status.