Miller’s Burger

NGAWire® | 13Nov08

Kurt Goetzke (KG): Anyone got a hankerin’ for a MILLER’S BURGER??

Jeff Longeway (JL): I haven’t been there in awhile. Got to love the thick cut onion! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

KG: They (Detroit Free Press) just came out with the Best Burgers in Metro Detroit list…Now I am craving MILLER’S!!!

JL: Its only 10 minutes from me.

Dan McKay (DM): Good call Lennie. Pick some up and then head northeast. Kurt and I will be waiting.

KG: That would be AWESOME!!!

JL: Sorry Kurt, I went to Bailey’s for a steak and cheese. Maybe next week?

Matt Maser (MM): That’s a thing of beauty! I officially added to my list of MUST DO when we return next July.