Bailout For One, Bailout For All

NGAWire® | 17Nov08

Following suit of the hordes of shamefaced companies requesting governmental bailout assistance, the NGA is heading to Washington DC to request a portion of the bailout pot from Congress.

Though the NGA’s funding request is not based on mismanagement of anything (unlike banks, mortgage companies and the US automakers), a minimal interest (maximum of 0.5%) governmental loan of $750,000 will be petitioned.

This money will be used to help lower tournament entry fees, assist in purchasing beer and snacks, allow for larger skins, pins and prize money payouts and provide decent contestant clothing and gear. It will also be used to pay for “one honey of a TPC” when the NGA heads to Scotland and Ireland in 2011 and eliminate the NGA’s mortgage payment for their office in Simpsonville, SC.

Good luck NGA!