Day In His Life

NGAWire® | 20Nov08

Today for lunch Andy decided to enjoy the roach coach know as El Toro Tacos while working in Detroit. He normally plays it safe by ordering Asada tacos (yes, he has eaten from here before), but has always wondered about the delicacies known as Cabeza, Lengua and Buche. Andy no longer has to wonder about two of them.

First he tried the Beef Head. “Cabeza tastes just a good as regular steak” stated Andy. “I could eat that again and again!”

Next came the enticing Pig ‘Stomage’. “Buche is not very good. I chewed and chewed, but could never bite through the rubbery meat.”

Andy had one more taste of his Buche, but could not stomach any more stomage. “I am sure with the right amount of sauce/salsa I could have finished the stomage” stated Andy.